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Welcome! ZenML is excited to be gearing up for a month of MLOps and we invite you to join in!

It’s getting easier and easier to build production-ready pipelines with tools like ZenML and other open-source libraries. Are you interested in learning how this works, and in building your own pipelines to deploy and monitor your models? Join us for a celebration of open-source MLOps, where you get to both express your creativity and solve a problem that is interesting to you!

Our MLOps Competition runs from October 10 to November 11, 2022.

Competition Basics

You’re free to pick any problem or use case of your choice. (We have some suggestions below! 👇) Over the four weeks you’ll iterate on your pipeline, adding all the features of mature production stacks, from experiment tracking to automated model deployment and monitoring.

Teams sized between 1-5 people are welcome to join. You’ll check in with ZenML engineers about your progress, contribute to open-source software, learn a ton about production machine learning and, of course, have fun building out your use case and application! We have cash prizes for the best entries and a bunch of other cool swag for all participants!

(We’ll hold a live event (also recorded) at the competition’s kickoff to get you up to speed on the basics of how ZenML works in case you’ve never used it.)

Why Join In?